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American Graffiti Coloring Book

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Brought to you by Museum of Graffiti co-founder Alan KET and Dokument Press, this collectible coloring book features outlines from more than 45 of America’s most prominent graffiti writers– now it is up to you to give them color! Whether you are new to graffiti or a serious artist, this interactive book is a great way to experiment with color combinations, letter shapes, and styles before you take your skills to the wall. Cover design by Noah from the legendary AOK and TFP crews. This book has been thoughtfully printed on bleed-resistant paper. Limited edition. A holiday gifting must, especially when paired with Molotow One4All Twin Markers, SKETCHY Dual Tip Markers or your favorite Copics.

Featured in this book: MERLOT, DR DAX, REDS, EWOK ONE, GESER, INTEL, LADY PINK, SNEKE, CES, DAZE and many, many more...