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Liquitex Basics 12 Pc

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Student- and beginner-grade acrylics in 22ml tubes.
The 6-Color Set contains cadmium yellow medium hue, mars black, naphthol crimson, phthalocyanine green, titanium white and ultramarine blue.
The 12-Color Set contains primary yellow, primary red, primary blue, phthalocyanine green, mars black, titanium white, cadmium orange hue, alizarin crimson permanent hue, dioxazine purple, light green permanent, burnt sienna and burnt umber.
The 36-Color Set contains alizarin crimson hue, burnt sienna, burnt umber, cadmium orange hue, dioxazine purple, ivory black, light green permanent, pthalo green, primary blue, primary red, primary yellow, titanium white, cadmium red light hue, cadmium yellow medium hue, cerulean blue hue, cobalt blue hue, Hooker's green hue permanent, pthalo blue, quinacridone magenta, raw sienna, raw umber, red oxide, ultramarine blue, yellow oxide, bright aqua green, cadmium red deep hue, cadmium red medium hue, cadmium yellow deep hue, cadmium yellow light hue, deep green permanent, deep violet, gold, neutral gray value 5, silver, naphthol crimson and mars black.
The 48-Color Set provides the full range of of the 48 BASICS acrylic colors in one convenient package. For ease of product selection, the set packaging shows actual tube colors on the back of the box.
The 72-Color Set includes all 72 BASICS colors.