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OTR.990 Speed White Correction Pen Fluid (100ml)

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The OTR.990 SPEED WHITE is a new refill for the real “marker-heads”. The snow-white fluid is extremely opaque, quick-drying, and permanent. The OTR.990 SPEED WHITE is in general a refill for any correction pens (White-out), but it also can be used in squeeze / mop-markers and metal-ball-markers. It‘s possible to mix the refill with other any alcohol-based inks or paints. The OTR.990 SPEED WHITE comes in a transparent PET bottle and is designed for juicy, opaque tags on any surface. It‘s great for street-level action! 

Please note: - the OTR.990 can‘t be used in any pump-action-marker; the nib will clog after a short time. - the OTR.990 SPEED WHITE should be filled right before any action - the special solvent will evaporate out of classic plastic squeeze / mop- marker-bodies after some days and the tip will clog after some hours if the marker will not be used.