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Serious Business Magazine

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This here is the West Coast time travel freight bench. It's got pieces from the last 25+ years of freight train graffiti all smashed together in a neat little package. Lots of them look to be 35mm or disposable camera shots from long ago, unearthed for just you. There are plenty of rare cars like GVSR flats, a Rail Link box, old waffle cars, big green BNs, a Bay Line, and a SP UPFE reefer. All this, however the focus is primarily the graff itself, with well known and regional names galore.

Some faves from this include a giant jagged lightning bolt ZENKO, an unfinished CES quickie, a shining MBER from '01, a squishy FREE5 from '96, a color coordinated SMASH and ZINK combo, a combined five-car wholecar autorack from STEEL, a '97 flatcar from KAPER with a rat character, a SAVIOR floater, and many many many more. There is a strong chance that this zine could be used in a future world educational scenario where railroad graffiti is studied by alien children.


You know the deal. Serious Business Issue 14 is another great mix of freights, fill-ins and tags from the Bay Area's golden era. Not to be missed.

Limited to 119 hand-numbered copies, 6x9", full color.