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Molotow Alcohol-based Permanent Paint Refill 125ml

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Molotow Permanent Paint Alcohol Refill 125ml
This durable, long-lasting refill paint offers a glossy finish and superior UV-resistance. Thanks to the alcohol base, Permanent Paint is fast-drying and safe for use indoors as well as outdoors. Molotow Permanent Paint Refills work well with a wide range of markers including: AP Drip Mops, Art Primo Toxic Shockers, Molotow Rollerball Dripsticks, Permanent Paint markers, OTR 060 Empties, and more. Be sure to shake well- this product is highly pigmented and may settle during shipment.

Art Primo Insider Tip: Molotow's Permanent Paint shades can be easily blended to create custom colors for mops and markers! Mix and match to find your signature shade.