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Mural Shield

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MuralShield™ is a preservation and anti-graffiti coating system that creates durable and highly maintainable murals. MuralShield™ is a two part system that consolidates, provides UV protection, and vandalism protection when used with World's Best Graffiti Coating. Conserves, restores, and preserves acrylic and aerosol murals. 

MuralShield™ incorporates a blend of Ultraviolet Light Absorber and Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer to prolong the life of fugitive colors and delicate paint binders. Together, they offer broad spectral coverage against ultraviolet light-based deterioration, while trapping free radicals to prevent paint cracking and chalking.

Use over existing murals to restore color and consolidate weather-worn pigments and is also ideal for the preparation of painted or uncoated walls before painting a mural. 

MuralShield™ makes sunken pigments vibrant. Sheen is luster with minimal reflection when used with World's Best Graffiti CoatingMuralShield™ is solvent-based, while World's Best Graffiti Coating is water-based.

Use on acrylic-based paints, hybrid water-based paints, and fine art aerosol spray paints. Always test before use. Oil-based paints are generally not suitable for long-term outdoor murals. MuralShield™ will not consolidate through oil-based paint, but will instead act as a coating. 

As a consolidant, MuralShield™ is best sprayed. Use solvent-rated spray equipment and protective gear. World's Best Graffiti Coating is best sprayed or brushed, avoid rolling on.

*Please Contact if Purchasing 5 Gal or more*