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Molotow Belton Burners

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Molotow Burner Spray Paint is the market leader, and the world's first aerosol can to work without mixing balls and still provide a high-pressure spray. They are perfect for all surfaces!


These Molotow Burner Spray Paints have an unrivalled diamond shine with long-lasting and ultra-glossy colour brilliance. They are patented and certified anti-drip, dust free, cover all, all season paints. This means they are unaffected by bad or cold weather or spraying onto damp supports. They offer good UV resistance. Molotow Burner Spray Paints are equipped with FatCaps as standard, allowing large areas to be sprayed quickly. All other Molotow spray heads can also be used on these cans.


Molotow Burner Spray Paints are available in 600, 400ml