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Kuretake ZIG Brushables Dual-Tip Markers

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ZIG Brushables have two brush tips and two tones per marker, one color from the ZIG Memory System color range and the other color being a 50% tint of that color. Brushables are featured in the ZIG Memory System line making them a water-based pigment, permanent, lightfast, acid-free and even photo safe. They are suitable for paper and are great for brush layering techniques, for creating two-toned blending effects and brush lettering.

Customer Reviews

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Saul McCoy
Kureta Ghee

Butters for books
On the go
Good grip
Nice mid line to outline compared to ballpoint

I like it with a lead pointer before I go bigger like a pocket brush

I like to draw quickly and it hits with fast strokes

Nice control....

They know their stuff at OverSpray... Can't wait to see the new location